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quiet them down
easier said

let the sweat dry
before you think

give them a prompt
or they won't know

how to look?

the rocks
the volcano
the fade we all know
this seems like a road
that is about to dissapear

into the trash heap
find some romance
valentine hubcaps rusting near the furnace
too much metal in all of this

half whistled notes
discarded footprints
hats lost their heads

the crane picks up relics
for the crush

find a hand among this

I once lead a parade in that car
can you tell me what the scrap is worth?
did I think to escape
the cold of the magnet?

with a pharmacist's keys
lead noble retreats

one last beast of glory?
something to tell about
when you no longer chase it?

maybe it died in your throat
choking on tombstone schematics
the wheelchair of cold analysis
maybe a scalpel was not the answer

cast away all provisions
the semblance of a thread
the shadow from a ring unworn
one perfectly manicured nail
tapping slightly out of time

turn it to something
that warms the slow breath
down through your body
descend to the place
that means more than sense

don't explain it away

maybe you tried
to hold every part of it
maybe that's why
it cracked in the end